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ClinOps I.M.P.A.C.T. Posts - March 15, 2017




[Technology] The wonder drug - A digital revolution in health care is speeding up: “Telemedicine, predictive diagnostics, wearable sensors and a host of new apps will transform how people manage their health.” Click Here


[Compliance] Pre-Audit Adaptation: Ensuring Daily Joint Commission Compliance: “As The Joint Commission (TJC) and other Accreditation Organizations continually increases accountability measures for accredited Healthcare Organizations (HCOs), the pressure to ensure constant compliance between surveys has never been stronger on hospital leadership. Organizations must now integrate their Accredited Organization’s requirements into their daily practices, and plan for necessary investments and improvement plans across the two-to-three-year cycle between their audits. This is critical not just to keep accreditation, but also to manage budgets and project timelines.” Click Here





[Engagement] Patient-Generated Health Data Discussions Increase Engagement: “Although 66 percent of patients say patient-generated health data makes them feel more engaged in care, there are still some major use barriers.” Click Here



[Education] Patients Call for Better Info, Education on Cancer Treatments: “Seventy-four percent of cancer patients say they want more information and education on immunotherapy, but providers are falling short.” Click Here





[Engagement ] To boost care quality, engage frontline staff: “A young woman from housekeeping nodding and smiling shared, ‘I love my patients. I love cleaning their rooms because I know in doing so, I keep them safe. I love hearing my patients’ stories. And I love when they remember me’ - This housekeeper truly understood her organization’s mission and was living her (and their) values. She was engaging, she was connecting and she was impacting.” Click Here



[Development] What Star Employees Want: “The 5 things - the ability to do what they do best, greater work-life balance and better personal well-being, greater stability and job security, a significant increase in income, and the opportunity to work for a company with a great brand or reputation.” Click Here




Here Come New HEDIS® Measures for 2018: “Speak now or forever hold your peace. This month, we propose a marriage between various HEDIS® measures in a strategy to address new cross-cutting topics, like telehealth. What do you think?” The comment period ended March 22nd 2017

Click Here



 [Outcomes] Data, provider engagement powers star-ratings success for health plans: “The use of data is one of the key cornerstones of the star-rating success Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has achieved for its Medicare Advantage plans. Also BCBSM has launched a provider engagement initiative that embedded coordinators “into the fabric” of primary care practices to further better outcomes—and thus star ratings improvement—in the most non-disruptive way possible." Click Here





Innovation Health steps up efforts to help patients choose between ER, urgent care: “Often urgent care centers or retail clinics are a better option for many acute, non-life-threatening conditions, according to Budhrani. And more than just patient satisfaction is on the line—if Americans turned to those alternative sites instead of the ED for non-emergency care, it could save $4.4 billion annually, he noted, citing a past study from Health Affairs.” Click Here


Hospitals’ wasted supplies may contribute to growing costs - Hospitals that reduce their overhead costs on wasted supplies could help drive down overall healthcare costs: “Healthcare costs in the U.S. continue to skyrocket, but one overlooked area for savings is the millions of dollars in medical supplies and equipment that go to waste.” Click Here





Next Generation of Community Health - New AHA report describes strategies, tools and best practices for improving community health: “Hospitals and health systems across the country are focusing on community health and creating new ways to improve the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being of all people in our communities. This work includes integrating activities with public health, collaborating with community partners and building a community health infrastructure that is stronger, more targeted and more effective.” Click Here


Grassroots Geisinger Initiative Addresses Community Health - Pennsylvania system combines genetic screening and access to healthy food to improve population health: “Geisinger Health System launched a grassroots health initiative in Scranton, Pa., with an eye on eliminating the social determinants in health for that community.” Click Here





The Joint Commission has issued a new sentinel event alert urging healthcare leaders to develop a culture of safety at their organizations: “The alert contains 11 tenets of a safety culture that include taking a nonpunitive approach to reporting and learning from adverse events, close calls and unsafe conditions to recognizing care team members for their efforts to improve safety and reduce medical errors." Click Here


Banner Health telemedicine program uses tools, analytics to target complex chronic disease patients: “ORLANDO, Fla.—A telehealth program at one of the largest nonprofit health systems in the country has reduced hospitalizations and overall costs by providing in-home telehealth and analytics tools to a subset of patients with complex chronic conditions.” Click Here


Preliminary differences between GOP health care bill, Obama-era law Click Here




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