Awareness . Advocacy . Access . Aim  (A4)  Resources

Meds on a mission MISSION diagram pictur
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  • How people can Identify and Avoid Buying Fake Drugs and Medications

  • Questions to Ask your Doctor or Pharmacist about your Medications​

  • List of Worldwide Regulators that monitor Medications

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  • Worldwide Campaigns against Fake and Counterfeit Medications:

    • Africa

    • Asia

    • Australia,

    • Europe

    • North America

    • South America

    • World Health Organization (WHO) and other Global Efforts,

    • Pharmaceutical Companies

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  • Patient Assistant Programs for medications and health resources

  • ​Safe Medications PATIENT Resources

  • Where to purchase authentic and legitimate medications for Short Term Medical Missions Trips

  • Guidelines for medicine donations (forthcoming)

  • Application for free medications for the following initial conditions in underserved areas – Diabetes, Hypertension, and Wellness (vitamins for adults and kids) forthcoming

• ACCESS to Affordable Medications and Donations from:

  • Donations of medications

  • Donation of money for medications and logistics

  • Ability to purchase medications for pennies on the dollar

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• AIM to improve patient outcomes by educating Universities, Providers, and Staff about optimal medication management leveraging the Medication A.R.E.A.S.


  • Adherence

  • Reconciliation

  • Education &  Engagement  

  • Affordability 

  • Safe Medication Use