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Policies: Prescription & Fake Medications  



Below is a list of national regulators in Australia and New Zealand to help address fake medicines - Click on each one for more information: 


Comprehensive List of National Regulators Worldwide:

  • Click Here for a list of regulatory authorities worldwide regarding matters of national approvals and drug import licences. This page is continuously developing. If you wish to correct or add to any information displayed below, please contact

  • Also Click Here for WHO website listing with similar instructions


DHL and Accenture to fight fake pharmaceuticals with blockchain

It's increasingly clear that blockchain technology in logistics can save lives, as well as dollars.

It's estimated that as many as 30% of pharmaceutical products sold in emerging markets are counterfeit, and Interpol believes that up to 1 million lives are lost each year as a result. DHL and Accenture have partnered to bring those numbers down to zero through a blockchain solution. They aim to do this with an indelible tamper-proof blockchain system that tracks medications from the factory, through all intermediaries and right to the patient's hands. Learn More.