Fake, Substandard, and Counterfeit Medications: WORLDWIDE NEWS UPDATE 

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MAY 2019


  • Overseas raids, secret marks and Homeland Security: How New Era fights fakes. Learn More 

  • NAFDAC alerts public on circulation of fake cold Caplets. Learn More 

  • NAFDAC seals 20 medicine stores over alleged sale of fake drugs. Learn More

  • Avoid drugs from unapproved sources-Over the counter medicines sellers warned. Learn More

  • Video: Dubai Police reveal details about largest-ever drug haul in the UAE. Learn More

  • Fake drugs: NAFDAC seals 20 medicine stores in Borno. Learn More

  • Permian Basin continues to grapple with drug, alcohol abuse. Learn More

  • Commentary: More buying counterfeit goods and knock-offs - it's costing billions and more. Learn More

  • Hyderabad: Peddlers use hair dyes to make fake drugs. Learn More.

  • Trump's new plan to import cheaper drugs from abroad already FAILED in Massachusetts after drug giants and the FDA came down on the small pharmacies involved - threatening to throttle them. Learn More

APRIL 2019


  • NAFDAC speaks on reported 70 per cent fake medicines in Nigeria. The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has denied a newspaper report that 70 per cent of medicines in Nigeria were fake. Learn More.

  • Nearly 20% of all pharma products sold in India are counterfeit, US trade body claims India & China are 'leading source of counterfeit medicines', says USTR in report on IP protection and review of 'notorious markets' for piracy. The United States has warned India of its growing problem of counterfeit or spurious drugs. Learn More.

  • US warns of ‘growing problem’ of counterfeit medicine: A US trade report identified that counterfeit drugs are becoming a greater issue through illegitimate online sales, particularly in countries such as China and India. Learn More.

  • Fake, sub-standard drugs for diseases in children a worrisome menace With the multi-billion dollar fake drugs industry now having set its sights deliberately on making further inroads into the churning out of brands associated with children’s illnesses, medical experts and reputable international organizations are becoming increasingly concerned that poor countries where environmental conditions render children more vulnerable to diseases may have little if any real defence against ‘cures’ that could exacerbate rather than ease their child welfare headaches. Learn More.

  • FAKE DRUG RING - Smugglers Make Millions In Black Market Racket Several players in Jamaica’s underworld, with assistance from unscrupulous medical practitioners, are now raking in millions of dollars from the sale of counterfeit pharmaceuticals, an emerging frontier that can have deadly consequences for the public. Viagra, Cialis, saline solution, and a stomach medication sold on the local black market as an abortion pill are just a few of the pharmaceuticals being counterfeited by criminal networks. Learn More.

  • Florida Wants to Import Canadian Drugs; Critics Fear Safety Risks. State bill at center of debate on surging healthcare costs. Amid ever-rising prescription drug costs, a bill working its way through the Florida state legislature is the latest effort to use Canadian prescription drugs to cap prices. However, critics have voiced concerns, worrying that what seems like an easy, safe proposal could actually open yet another floodgate of dangerous drugs into the United States. Learn More.

  • NAFDAC warns against use of Losartan potassium tablet. The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has alerted Nigerians of the recall of Losartan potassium tablet by its manufacturers. Learn More.

  • Are fake drugs hampering the fight against malaria? Malaria often hits the most impoverished communities that, in turn, often fall victim to falsified medicines as they are unable to afford high-quality medicines. Every year, from 2000 until 2015, the global health community celebrated its success in reducing the number of cases of malaria – even hailing it as one of the greatest global health success stories. But progress in eliminating malaria has slowed since 2016. Why? Learn More.

  • Furore over rise in fake drugs-induced deaths, treatment failures worldwide. A recent global report published in in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene alerted to a global pandemic of fake drugs killing children and adults worldwide. According to the report, falsified malaria drugs are responsible for death of over 150,000 children yearly and 10 per cent of all medicines worth over $200 billion (N72 trillion) that sold in developing countries including Nigeria are substandard. Learn More.

  • Counterfeit Medicines Circulating in African Countries. Last month the World Health Organization’s Global Surveillance and Monitoring System for Substandard and Falsified Medical Products issued an alert over the circulation of confirmed fake meningitis vaccines in Niger. WHO called for increased vigilance at all levels of the supply chain—particularly in West Africa after it was discovered the meningitis vaccine’s batch number and expiry date did not correspond to genuine manufacturing records. Learn More.



MARCH 2019

  • Minnesota health officials warn drug users about deadly fake oxycodone pills containing fentanyl. Learn More.

  • Minister Calls for More Investment in Local Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals. Learn More.

  • European crackdown on smuggled medicines results in arrest of 435 suspects. Learn More

  • European police seize illicit medicines worth $185 million. Learn More.

  • Just a tap away: Drug admin app to help people find if medicines are fake or genuine; it can also be used to check prices, expiry date. Learn More. 

  • MAJOR DRUG BUST! Agents confiscate 50,000 fentanyl-laced pills, heroin, cocaine. Learn More.

  • Counterfeit Oxycontin leads to state-wide alert: The fake pills can cause fatal overdoses. Learn More.

  • Local pharmaceutical industry has lauded the Drug Regulatory Authority's initiative to establish model pharmacies across the country to ensure availability of life-saving drugs as their shortage costs many lives. Learn More.

  • NAFDAC seizes fake, substandard drugs worth N1.8m in Taraba


  • Paper Test Spots Fake, Degraded Pharmaceuticals. Learn More.

  • How fake medicines damage health. Learn More.

  • Police intercept fake drugs, drums of suck-and-die in Kano. Learn More.

  • Counterfeit Pill Lab Exposed in BBC Report. Learn More.  

  • FDA arrests seven drug peddlers, seizes 1,285 unregistered products. Learn More.

  • ​Young people across the UK taking ‘Fake Xanax’  Learn More.

  • Falsified Medicine’s Directive Delegated Regulations, or FMD DR, became law in the majority of Europe. Learn More.  

  • Now Use Your Smartphone To Check For Fake Merchandise Or Counterfeit Goods. Learn More.

  • Fake ‘Viagra’ floods UK clubs and pubs after hitting black market. Learn More.

  • Inside Britain’s Black Market – New BBC1 documentary reveals shocking secrets. Learn More.

  • Newark Airport baggage handler convicted in scheme to smuggle cocaine hidden in suitcases. Learn More.

  • Govt branded drugs seized in crackdown in Nyanza. Learn More.

  • RPS Science and Research Summit shines light on AMR and falsified medicines. Learn More.

  • Irish drug users are putting themselves at greater risk by taking a cocktail of unregulated medication. Learn More.

  • Don’t buy medicine from hawkers – Kadaga tells Ugandans. Learn More.

  • Dealing with fake drugs. Learn More.

  • Counterfeit law will hinder manufacture, access of drugs. Learn More.

  • College student designed fake gaming app to sell drugs. Learn More.

  • Counterfeit law will hinder manufacture, access of drugs. Learn More.

  • At last, a Brexit dividend – shame it’s for the pedlars of fake medicine. Learn More.

  • Tracing the real root of America's opioid crisis. Learn More

  • Falsified Medicine’s Directive: stamping out the fakes. Learn More.

  • Illegal online pharmacies: the risks to patient health and brand reputation. Learn More.

  • Realising the potential of pharma packaging as a communication tool. Learn More.





  • Are you being given fake medicines? Major bust in Uttar Pradesh reveals shocking truth. Learn More

  • Beauty Salon Scam Convinced Customers to Pay 1 Billion Yuan for Fake Cancer Drugs. Learn More

  • Can blockchain stem the tide of counterfeit drugs in India? Learn More

  • Commentary: Utahns shouldn’t walk into a counterfeit medicine crisis. Learn More

  • DATAx presents: Tackling counterfeit medicine with AI, blockchain and machine learning. Learn More

  • Dickson Urges Support For Bayelsa Drug Distribution Centre. Learn More

  • Drug and gun charges for man feds say was prolific fake Xanax dealer around Capitol Hill. Learn More

  • Fake Viagra putting patients' lives at risk: Counterfeiting raids taking place every day across the UAE to stamp out illegal trade. Learn More.

  • Fake Xanax found on Delta high school student contained fentanyl. Learn More

  • FarmaTrust leverages blockchain to save lives with pivotal medical supply chain reform. Learn More

  • FarmaTrust, Mongolian govt. to combat counterfeit drugs. Learn More

  • Gov. Dickson Pledges Counterfeit Drugs Free State, As BSDDC Holds Pharm Fare. Learn More

  • Madu, a secondary school drop-out, gave comprehensive details of how for years he had successfully produced fake drugs in his secret illegal factory. Learn More. Learn More

  • Nigeria seizes massive unregistered tramadol haul. Learn More

  • Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting Technologies Market Report 2018 | Where Will The Market Go Next? Learn More

  • Police uncover fake rugs factory, arrest four in Lagos. Learn More

  • Rwanda Bans Fake Drugs from India And China. Learn More

  • The Need To Immortalise Nigerian Legends Through Film. Learn More

  • Warning issued for fake oxycodone pills made with potentially deadly fentanyl. Learn More


  • Are we making progress in the fight against fake medicines? Learn More.

  • China Plans to Discipline Fake Drugmakers With Heavier Fines. Learn More.

  • Counterfeit Bone Marrow Medicine in Circulation. Learn More.

  • Counterfeit Drugs: Doctors Discuss Potential Threat. Learn More.

  • Counterfeit medicines difficult to identify: FDA. Learn More.

  • Counterfeiters have no compunction about hurting or killing people: exclusive interview with Gilead’s Gretchen Stroud. Learn More.

  • Court jails lawmaker six years over fake drug scandal. Learn More.

  • CYPRUS: Seized counterfeit medicines purchased online has trebled. Learn More​.

  • Deadly fentanyl disguised as 'black tar heroin' showing up on Tucson streets. Learn More.

  • Don’t fall for fake flu medications, FDA warns. Learn More

  • Empowering pharmacists to check drug misuse & abuse in Nigeria. Learn More.

  • Erbil police seize medicines, make arrests in pharmaceutical crackdown. Learn More.

  • Experts worried over rising cases of diabetes. Learn More.

  • Fake drugs could kill the dream of a malaria-free Asia Pacific. Learn More.

  • Fake drugs: The global industry putting your life at risk. Learn More.

  • Fake medications containing arsenic, paint and RAT POISON being sold in pharmacies around the world - and are virtually impossible to spot. Learn More.

  • Fake medicine on the rise. Learn More.

  • Fake medicines flourish in Africa despite killing thousands. Learn More.

  • Fake news, real consequences: What happens after headlines about false HIV 'cures'. Learn More.

  • 'Fake Xanax', reportedly 100 times stronger than heroin, circulating South West: This drug is becoming increasingly popular with youths. Learn More.

  • Fake e-cigarette liquid is putting vapers at risk – here’s how we can tackle the fraud. Learn More

  • Fake, Substandard Drugs Put People’s Life At Risk. Learn More.

  • Fatal lookalike: DA reveals charges in woman's death by fake painkillers. Learn More. FDA warns 465 websites selling unapproved opioids, drugs for cancer, HIV. Learn More.

  • Fraudster who made a fortune selling fake Viagra moaned about having to pay £14m and serve 10 years in jail. Learn More.

  • Global Takedown In October Nets 500 Tons Of Fake, Life-Threatening Drugs - INTERPOL. Learn More.

  • Government tackles counterfeit medication. Learn More.

  • Groups used bogus prescriptions, fake IDs to get opioids. Learn More.

  • Interpol seizes 500 tonnes of illicit drugs in worldwide raids. Learn More.

  • Joining the dots: Systech adds vision to pharma supply chain. Learn More.


  • NAFDAC Working With Chinese, Korean Agencies On Safety Of Imported Drugs – DG. Learn More


  • Over £2m worth of fake and unlicensed medicines seized in the UK. Learn More.

  • Pharmacists say new law will allow quacks to import medicines. Learn More.

  • Regina Police caution drug users after discovery of fentanyl analogs and fake morphine. Learn More.

  • Regulator seizes 10,000 fake test kits for sexually transmitted infections. Learn More.

  • Seized counterfeit medicines purchased online has trebled. Learn More.

  • Separate directorate general for drug control being set up. Learn More.

  • Tackling contaminated medicines, drug insecurity. Learn More.

  • Tens of thousands dying from $30 billion fake drugs trade, WHO says. Learn More.

  • Tens of thousands in Africa die each year because of fake, counterfeit medication. Learn More.

  • Tens Of Thousands Of Children Dying From Fake Drugs, New Report Shows. Learn More.

  • The FDA, but with guns: How far should a little-known office go to track down counterfeit drugs? Learn More.

  • The Scourge of Drug Abuse Amongst Youths. Learn More.

  • The Uphill Fight Against Fake Prescription Drugs. Learn More.

  • Vaccine scandal prompts rethink on drug law. Learn More.

  • What Kenya is doing to fight fake drugs. Learn More.

  • What to Do About the Boom In Dangerous Counterfeit Drugs. Learn More.

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