Policies: Prescription & Fake Medications  



Below is a list of national regulators in Europe to help address fake medicines - Click on each one for more information: 

Comprehensive List of National Regulators Worldwide:

  • Click Here for a list of regulatory authorities worldwide regarding matters of national approvals and drug import licences. This page is continuously developing. If you wish to correct or add to any information displayed below, please contact CRASH@Lshtm.ac.uk

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INTERPOL: Pharmaceutical crime - A major threat to public health

Pharmaceutical crime involves the manufacture, trade and distribution of fake, stolen or illicit medicines and medical devices. It encompasses the counterfeiting and falsification of medical products, their packaging and associated documentation, as well as theft, fraud, illicit diversion, smuggling, trafficking, the illegal trade of medical products and the money laundering associated with it. Learn More.


Seized counterfeit medicines purchased online has trebled

Online purchased counterfeit and illicit medicines confiscated in Cyprus has tripled from previous years, according to a global Interpol operation conducted this month. Cyprus police spokesman Andreas Angelides said that during the week-long operation in 116 countries, a total of 1,811 packages were examined at local post offices and at Larnaca International Airport. Four operations took place in Cyprus to locate counterfeit medicines under Operation Pangea XI, a global cooperative effort, led by Interpol, to combat the unlawful sale and distribution of illegal and potentially counterfeit medical products sold on the internet. It is the eighth year that Cyprus participates in Pangea. Learn More.


Global Takedown In October Nets 500 Tons Of Fake, Life-Threatening Drugs - INTERPOL

A weeklong offensive by police, customs and regulatory authorities in 116 nations resulted in the seizure of 500 tons of illicit or counterfeit pharmaceutical drugs, the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) said in a press release on Tuesday. "Almost one million packages were inspected during the week of action (9 - 16 October), with 500 tons of illicit pharmaceuticals seized worldwide," the release said. Learn More.