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A Prescription for Value -Based Healthcare

For Leaders, Clinicians, Team Members, and Organizations: ​

A Prescription for Value-Based Healthcare to Optimize Patient Health Outcomes, Reduce Total Costs, and Improve Quality & Organization Performance

What strategies and solutions are you and your organization implementing in your quest? How will you address these goals and challenges, create healthcare value, and build a competitive advantage?

The prescription strategy in this resource aims to help healthcare organizations, clinicians, healthcare team members, and insurers in their quest to address healthcare challenges and simultaneously meet important goals to improve patient health outcomes, create healthcare value, and create a competitive advantage in this new era of value-based care. The following key stakeholders will benefit in the following ways:

1.  Executives and Leaders will have:

  • A prescription strategy to optimize patient health outcomes and organization performance

  • Business capabilities to successfully implement, support, and sustain the prescription strategy

  • Strategies to build the most effective teams and expand one’s geographic reach

  • A competitive advantage – strategy to optimize the health outcomes of the most expensive patients


2.  Clinicians and Team Members will have:

  • A prescription strategy to achieve the Triple Aim in all patients especially patients with multiple chronic conditions on multiple chronic medications

  • An overview of MACRA’s Quality Payment Program and its role in the transition from volume to value

  • The key measures that will be used to assess the transformation healthcare activities


3.  Everyone will have:

  • An understanding of the good, the bad, and the challenging aspects of healthcare in the U.S.

  • Clarity around the purpose of the Affordable Care Act— Its successes, challenges, the pros & cons of repeal, and components worth keeping regardless (plus a brief comparison to the proposed American Health Care Act)

  • An understanding of the importance of transitioning the US Healthcare system from a fee-for-service (volume focused) to fee-for-performance (value focused)


In time, this prescription strategy will contribute to making healthcare value, the Triple Aim, and the National Quality Strategy (NQS) a reality for all, and will give organizations and entities a competitive advantage in this new era of value-based healthcare


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Table of Contents

Part I: Challenges in Healthcare and Opportunities to Drive a Value-Based Healthcare System

  • Chapter 1: Healthcare in the United States—The Good and the Challenging

  • Chapter 2: The Affordable Care Act— Its Successes, Challenges, and Fate

  • Chapter 3: MACRA’s Quality Payment Program—Supporting the Transition from Volume to Value

  • Chapter 4: Measurements Matter When Transforming Healthcare


Part II: The Medication A.R.E.A.S. Bundle (MAB) Rx Strategy: A Prescription for Healthcare Value

  • Chapter 5: An Introduction to the Medication A.R.E.A.S. Bundle Prescription (MAB Rx)

  • Chapter 6: Framework for the MAB Rx Implementation across the Continuum

  • Chapter 7: Transforming Care Delivery using the MAB Rx MCC Patients and Populations

  • Chapter 8: Performance Outcomes—MAB Impact on Quality Measures to Improve Outcomes and Demonstrate Value

  • Chapter 9: Solid Business Capabilities and Infrastructures—Build/Optimize/Consolidate Structures to Successfully Implement, Support, and Sustain MAB

  • Chapter 10: Building the Most Effective Teams and Leaders to Enable the MAB Rx Locally and Globally

  • Chapter 11: Putting It Together: The MAB Rx Strategy—A Prescription Solution for Creating Healthcare Value

  • Appendixes and Glossary