Obtaining Safe & Effective Medications

Meds for MEDICAL Missions

 Access and assistance to obtain safe and effective medications for personal use and Information to obtain affordable medications for medical missions.

Medicine Prescription

Acquisition of Medications and Supplies for People in Need


DISPENSARY OF HOPE (615-736-5075)

Through innovative stewardship of the pharmaceutical supply chain, the Dispensary of Hope collects and distributes millions of dollars of pharmaceuticals annually to pharmacies and safety-net clinics to dispense to low income, chronically ill patients. Through meaningful partnerships, pharmacies and clinics nationwide can utilize Dispensary of Hope medication to impact the health of their communities by improving access to affordable medication. As the cornerstone of population health initiatives, the Dispensary of Hope program is key to reducing avoidable hospital readmissions and emergency room use that often results from lack of access to affordable medication.



Acquisition of Medications and Supplies for Short Term Medical Missions Trips


PQMD (410-848-7036)

The Partnership for Quality Medical Donations (PQMD) is a unique alliance of non-profit and corporate organizations committed to bringing measurable health impact to under-served and vulnerable people through active engagement with global partners and local communities.


Kingsway Charities

Contact: Audrey Lambert (800.321.9234)

E-mail: Website:

Supplies various medications, including albendazole. Eight weeks’ notice necessary and an application process. Shipped free of charge to US addresses to be carried overseas, Domestic and International Missions. Must by 501(c)(3) organization with evangelical focus.


Johnson and Johnson and MAP

Supplied through MAP International

Phone: 732-524-1863 Website:

Provides “Medical Mission Pack" of over the counter items. Free with $50.00 shipping fee,

includes meds averaging around $800.00 wholesale. One pack per healthcare practitioner/year.

Provides “Medical Mission Pack Plus” of Rx and over the counter items. Free with $50.00

shipping fee, includes medications averaging around $1500.00 wholesale.


Direct Relief International

Supplied through DRI

Phone: 805-964-4767 E-mail: Web:

Partner with several major pharmaceutical companies to distribute medication and supplies to organizations conducting mission projects in selected countries.

Blessings International

Phone: 918-250-8101

E-mail: Web:

"Medicine for Missions" is their slogan. They provide pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies for needy patients in developing countries and U.S. clinics. Usually Blessings charges about 10% or less of the value of their goods.


MAP International

Phone: 800-225-8550

E-mail: Web:

Provide “Travel Packs” for medical mission projects overseas. The packs are between $300-

$500 for a set of pre-packaged medication and the they can be customized.


Watson / ANDA

Westin, FL.

Contact Person: Joanne Brook

Phone: 954.217.2632 or 800.331.2632 x 4555

Generic manufacturer that will supply meds for significantly lower costs. Mention that the

project is a medical mission overseas project to receive a discounted rate. Ships within a few days.

International Dispensary Association (IDA)

Slochterweg 35 1027 AA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Telephone: + 31 20 4033051

E-mail: Web:

Supplies medication for overseas projects for reduced costs


IMA World Health

P.O. Box 429 New Windsor, MD 21776

Phone: 877-241-7952

E-mail: Web:

IMA Medicine Box available for a fee. Some items for free with nominal handling fee.


Heart to Heart International, Inc. (HTHI)

401 South Clairborne, Suite 302 Olathe, KS 66062

Phone: 913-764-5200 Email: Web:

Can custom order supplies or pre-packaged “Box of Medicine” for $500, plus custom order.


Crosslink International

427 North Maple Ave. Falls Church, VA Phone: 703-534-5465

E-mail: Web:

Provide medicines and equipment for projects. Some shipping overseas may be available. Some

items free, based on availability.


FAME (Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism)

P.O. Box 33548 Indianapolis, IN 46203 Phone: 317-358-2480

E-mail: Web:

Supplies medications and medical supplies


Worm Project (WP)

c/o Franconia Mennonite Conference, Harleysville, PA

Contact: Claude Good at: 267-932-6050 Ext. 136

E-mail: Web:

Supplies albendazole antiparasite medications


Vitamin Angels

Santa Barbara, CA 93105 Phone: 805-565-9919

E-mail: Web:

Supplies Vitamin A, Multivitamins to the underserved free of cost.



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